Do you ever run up to the situations when you don’t know what to do and all world just seems to fall apart? You just search for motivation and you don’t know what happened to you.

This is were hiking comes along.

Hiking helps you in so many ways and just lets you to experience more. It’s like a meditation and can help you in so many ways, it can inspire and motivate you. So in this article I will try to explain why hiking is so good for you.

Hiking helps you to slow down

Why to start hiking & why it's so good for you and your mind? Hiking let's you relax and inspires you to do things. Its one of the biggest motivators that.. |

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Usually every day I am rushing somewhere. It always seems that I am late somewhere. And when someone is asking why you don’t do this and this the answer is I do not have enough time.

But you know what? I have enough time!

When you run in this type of situation my advice is just stop whatever you are doing and just go for hiking.

It helps you to slow down and to think for a minute. You suddenly realize that you have a lot of time and that you just waist that time to the things that don’t matter to you.

Lets you see your world and the things you do in the simpler way and by that it opens new possibilities for you.

It makes you freer and lets you slow down from things that just don’t matter.

Hiking lets you open your mind

Usually people see only the world that surrounds them. They think they know what is going on and what matters the most in life and usually they are wrong. They don’t know what is going on and they even don’t know what is going on in their lives.

As I mentioned before when you start hiking it lets you see the world in the different way. You start to see things that matter and the things that don’t.

Seeing the world with open mind is important. Many people meditate, do all sorts of things to open their mind and see the world clear and hiking helps you do that for free.

Hiking helps you realize how much you have

Majority of people search for excuses to do things that they sort of want to do. And usually after saying that they don’t have enough time they say that they don’t have certain things. Things that they usually don’t need.

People tend to evaluate things wrong. They see their lives from bad perspective and they think that they don’t have anything.

Hiking helps people to slow down and open their minds to realize how much they really need.

Lets you to see that if you want to do something you don’t have to have tons of things, you just have to go and do it.

Helps you to realize that life isn’t about what you have and what you don’t have, it lets you to see only the things that are really important to you.

It opens your mind and lets you to realize how much you have and how truly rich you are.

Helps you to be more creative

When the world stops moving and you are open-minded to everything your life seems to be perfect. This is the moment when you are the most creative.

You don’t know what is good and what is wrong. You tend to just do things you want.

Hiking opens your mind and lets you to slow down from everything you do it lets you to evaluate things and to look for what is the most important for you.

Hiking lets you to play with your life and helps you to be more creative with everything you do in.

Hiking brings you to the better shape

Why to start hiking & why it's so good for you and your mind? Hiking let's you relax and inspires you to do things. Its one of the biggest motivators that.. |

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It is one of the best sports you can do. It is good for all your body and almost everyone can do it. No matter you are young or old hiking is good for you.

It brings you in shape and helps you in everyday life situations where you need some stamina.

For me personally hiking is one of the most favorite sports you can do. It is easy and relaxing and has tons of advantages not only for your body but also for your mind.

Increases your energy level

Do you ever felt tired in the morning? When it seems that morning is the time when you must have tons of energy but you don’t? This is because your body is still sleeping and because of that your energy levels are low.

Hiking for few hours helps you to increase your energy levels. Since hiking is slow pace cardiovascular activity it powers your body to bring more oxygen to your body. And when your body cells are full of oxygen your energy levels go up.


Hiking is one of the best sports and activities you can do. It helps you to open your mind and slowdown from the crazy active pace you are living. It helps you realize what is important in life and by that you will see how much you have. In short hiking makes you happy.

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