You are planning your backpacking trip and you don’t really know what to do. Many new backpackers do all the same mistakes in their first few backpacking trips. And even an experienced backpackers do them too.

For instance I myself sometimes forget to drink or to eat at the certain time and I usually get in situations where I am dehydrated or starving myself.

So in this article I will try briefly talk about the mistakes that first time backpackers usually run up too, hope it will help you on your backpacking traveling trips.

Eating & Drinking

Biggest mistakes of new backpackers. What to do and what not to do in your first backpacking travel experience. Trip and tricks how to prepare yourself and your gear for new challenge. |

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Not eating or drinking enough is a common problem among backpackers, hikers and other adventure travelers. This is the problem that not only new travelers are running up too. So you have to know how to deal with it.

If you are traveling for few days plan the times of the day that is perfect to eat. Try to stop at planned times to eat and try not to go too much of your schedule.

Between meals try light snacks what you can eat on the go. I usually prefer nuts or some sort of bars.

For drinking try to drink at least 30 ml of water per 1kg of your body mass. This is the minimum you should do. If you are traveling through rough terrain on a warm summer day you could even double that. Remember to drink a lot of water but just look that it is clean.

Don’t drink water from rivers or lakes even if it looks clean. Boil it or use water filter or other tools to clean it up from microbes and all other bad stuff.

Remember eating and drinking properly will certainly make your travel trip more fun and relaxing.

Cooking food in your tent

You been hiking all day and you put your tent up and it started to rain. You don’t prepared food but you are happy because you could do that in your tent. But this isn’t the best idea. Yes you can prepare food but it is dangerous if you do not know how to do it properly.

If you are planning on using cooking stove you have to take few perceptions to make your meal safely.

First have a look around where you are planning to put your stove. It has to be not be near the things that can catch fire. Remember that most of the gear now is made from nylon that catches fire really quickly.

Second remember that when the gas burns it only transforms and your tent is filling up with co2 and other gasses that are not safe for you and you could have a health problems because of them.

Before lighting your stove to look at the ventilation of your tent. Remember co2 gas goes up so it will probably be in the highest place of your tent so remember to ventilate your tent.

And third be really careful. I do not usually recommend to cook in the tent. If you can make your meal outside you should do it.

Soaking your sleeping system

Sleeping is an essential thing to backpacking trip success. If you want to have a good backpacking trip you should know how to treat your clothes, your sleeping bag and other gear that lets you to sleep warm and cozy.

Always try to put your sleeping system in waterproof bags so it could stay dry. Keeping your sleeping bag and clothes dry is really important to your sleeping comfort.

If you are using down sleeping bag be even more careful, because when down sleeping bag gets wet it loses his thermal properties.

Remember to always take care of your gear, if you look after it, it most probably don’t fail and will not bring you to the difficult situations.

Not Packing Enough / Packing Too Much

I don’t really know what is the bigger problem packing too much gear you don’t need or not packing enough gear. When you are planning your trip you should closely have a look on the backpacking gear you are going to need.

Packing too much gear will make your backpack super heavy and you will get tired faster. Also that extra gear will make your backpack organizing more difficult. In the other hand packing not enough gear could bring you to the unpleasant situations.

I usually try to pack the minimum, and even then look through all the gear and thing what I don’t need. See if you are going on the light backpacking trip it usually not that important to have everything with you. You could find a way out.

But if you are going on the challenging backpacking trip to the mountains you have to really closely look what to bring. There isn’t any magical formula what to take, it depends from you and the place you are traveling. So don’t pack too much and try pack enough.

Untested gear

Choosing the right gear and testing it before your big trip is very important. Many new backpackers do not test their new gear and that can get then in unpleasant situations.

Remember always try your gear in real life conditions before going for serious backpacking trip. Testing your gear will let you know what you gear could stand of and what you can wait from it in various situations.

I would recommend to go to one day hiking trip and test your new gear before you go to the serious trip.

Leave no trace

Biggest mistakes of new backpackers. What to do and what not to do in your first backpacking travel experience. Trip and tricks how to prepare yourself and your gear for new challenge. |

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Do you ever came to the campsite and found it with bunch of trash lying around?

I do not really like these type of campers that don’t look around themselves. They think that there are really important and they don’t respect the nature that surrounds them. So please don’t be that camper and look around yourself, respect other backpackers, hikers or travelers that are going to visit camping site later.

Leave no trace behind you and everyone will be happier.

It don’t take too much time to make campsite like you found it or even in better condition than you found it.

Wearing new hiking boots

I already mentioned that it is bad to go with new gear to your trip. Especially with new shoes.

If you are planning your trip remember that you must walk with your new shoes before the trip, just to test them and to walk them enough that they will not make you blisters on your feet.

I would recommend to wear your new hiking boots for short periods of time at home. If you are feeling comfortable with them walk with them outside. After few weeks shoes will adopt to your feet and should be fine for your traveling trip.

Overestimating your ability

Backpacking, hiking and traveling are really fun and challenging ways to experience life. But sometimes we tend to overestimate our abilities to do certain things in our lives and that leads us to the situations we don’t want to be.

Being in the nature isn’t the same thing as sitting at home so remember to always think twice before doing something.

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