You know that feeling, when you are doing something you are not supposed to do?

I have this feeling about TV series.

But, the problem is that I so much love some of them, that it is killing me.

I remember when I first time watched LOST, I watched 8 episodes first day. The episodes they’re amazing and I loved it but it was killing me, because I just did nothing that day. After two weeks I completed all 7 seasons of LOST.

And it was really strange time. I enjoyed the episodes and loved to watch them but that inside feeling, that shame and regret that I only watching TV…

After that I remember I told myself:

I never going into this again.


So after regretful LOST, Friends, Prison Break, Breaking bad, How I met your mother, silicon valley and many others…

Welcome to Westworld

About few years ago I became interested into artificial intelligence, reading more and more about it seem so futuristic and I loved it.

This interest in artificial intelligence led me to come back to the old movie Matrix. Those ideas from matrix seemed even more real.

And now one of my favorite entrepreneur Elon Musk is talking that we probably live in simulation…

My friends know that I’m all into this… So one of them told me about this new TV series that just started – Westworld

Westworld is just so crazy. It raises so many questions in your mind. I once again started to question a reality and suddenly this idea that we are living in simulation…

This is a video where all the questions from westworld are put in one place. If you didn’t watch the all the series from first season don’t watch it. It will ruin your experience.

The only good thing from Westworld is that season one is over and I can go back to work and not think all the time about all those crazy ideas…

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