When I was growing up like every young boy I was looking around myself. I really liked movies and I love them till now.

Like every young man, I wanted to be cool and do cool things. Since I didn’t know what is cool I looked up around myself and also into the movies that I so much loved.

How weed became a new normal? How this 420, pot thing started, why everyone is smoking cannabis? | hellorokas.com I remember how I looked at James Bond movies and the scenes where he pours himself a glass of whiskey and drinks it straight up. For me, it looked different and definitely cool.

Just look at him a nice suit, beautiful girls, fast car and a glass of whiskey what could be cooler for a young boy.

So like every rational man I wanted it, one more time I looked around I thought what could I get?

Nice suit? maybe not.

Beautiful girl? Yes, but no I’m just too afraid.

Fast car? I am only … years old…

Glass of whiskey? No problem…

That time I was hooked on alcohol from the simple product placement in the movie that everybody likes. Not only for children but also for men that movie symbolized what is cool. Product placement was perfect.

I just can’t imagine how many people were affected by this nonsense and these marketing messages that we see every day and don’t even understand how we record them.  

Business and marketing

Years past and I’m “grown man that already knows what is going on…”

After the school, I had to choose what I like and I want to do for the rest of my life.

It was really easy since I already known what I love.

Business and marketing was the way to go for me, not only because it makes you a lot of money but because it drives our lives forward in a way we don’t even understand in a way back when I was young it drove me to be James Bond.

It seemed that this power directed to the right way could really change a world into a better place. And I always was into this…



How do you think that glass of whiskey got in a hand of James Bond?

Let me tell you how marketing works in very easy terms.

Let’s pretend that I am big business that has a product and sees a huge potential but no one is buying the product for any particular reason.

What should I do?

420We find people what other people think are cool (some like to call them influencers) pay them money and they would use our product in public.

Place the product in the cool movies, in events and over time it becomes cool for the majority and now all the investments are paying off.

Don’t believe me?

Look at energy drink business

How they are promoting all the cool things that are cool for young people all the extreme sports and etc…

It works with everything and it worked with me back when I was young and was going to be James Bond with the glass in my hand.

The strange thing is that I love marketing. You are searching and analyzing how people think and how to change that thinking to the right direction.

The thing I don’t like that sometimes companies, governments, and other organizations use this power of changing what people thinking in a bad way.

Something bigger

I am a huge fan of conspiracy theories. Maybe because I read too many weird stuff or maybe just for that love for movies.

James Bond was always going after something, so yeah you know…

weed pot 420


Let’s get back to one of the biggest conspiracy theories.

This theory is saying that some big organization and some very influential people are driving the world to the direction they want.

Just imagine what that organization could do if it would have unlimited resources and connections in business and politics.

That marketing power could change our lives courses and we don’t even understand that.Like when I was young and saw that James Bond movie, you think there aren’t bigger tricks for adults that are so “smart”

Just imagine what it could do.

It could play with our lives like it was a game, it could control everything…

I know it sounds crazy but just imagine it for the second isn’t this possible?

Majority of you would say NO, but once again imagine that not so long ago people thought that earth is flat and every one who was thinking that it is not was crazy. (not the best example. I, know)

So basically after about five hundred years, we should know, was my theory crazy or was it not? 

Back to fun

History shows us that every time some big trend is forming usual politics, governments, and big businesses are involved.

So a few months back I saw this trend, that in beginning was growing slowly and in the past few years got into high gear. It is marijuana and its industry.

I made a small research and found that cannabis was used throughout a history for various reasons but it suddenly became more and more popular in the 20th century till it was banned in the majority of the world.

Till now when it is coming back fast.

Remember I already told you that I love movies but the thing is that I love not only new but also old movies. In a way, you can look throw out the history and see the trends that “someone bigger” places in for us.

weed pot

Theory of weed

So I have this crazy theory about the cannabis.

How this plant that was out of our lives are slowly but steadily coming back to our lives. Even now scientist are saying that marijuana is safe and is totally okay to use?

Let’s start

From the middle of the 20th-century marijuana was slowly advertised and some subcultures adopted it in the 60s and 70s and it was slowly advertised as the drug of freedom and peace. (the values of subcultures that adopted this drug)

I wasn’t the best student at school but I don’t know how the drug could symbolize it.

Freedom and peace are two core values that every human being on a planet earth wants. So in a way, this marketing message is telling us that everybody wants and needs some… ??

cannabis potLater in the 80s and 90s, it spread to other subcultures and adopted other values like being different and going in your own direction.

So basically all young people values were in the weed and only old and conservative people thought that it is bad.

Young there hocked…

But how we could change that too?

Now in the 21st century, we see this huge trend talking about medical aspects of the plant targeting not only the younger audience but also older people.

Isn’t it good if parents use some weed for medical reasons and their kids adopt it and smoke for fun?

Is there a problem?

Everyone is happy, industry gets money, the government gets money, parents are “healthier”, children are happier…

And the government is happy for you are high. It is just easier to manipulate with you and your mind. In other words, you more easily adopt those marketing ideas that need to be planted in your head.

Till now I look thore out the history and can not understand how this so professionally advertised thing became a trend and how everyone is happy about it.


How this weed trend came to our society and who placed it?

Look at the movies, books, songs and many other communication channels though the past 50 years and you will find the trend that was perfectly developed. Every person who understand the marketing concepts will tell you that.

You can find how slowly but steadily cannabis message is shared over a 50 year period.


But what is going to happen now?

My prediction is that marijuana will be going to be legal in the majority of the world in next few years and this industry will be going to make a lot of money and make lots of people…

And some interesting news:

  • The American Food and Drug Administration has approved the use of ecstasy in clinical trials, amid that illegal party drug could be used to treat post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD).
  • Psychedelic mushrooms relieve cancer patients in treating depression and anxiety.

But remember this is only a theory of mine and you could think in a different way and that’s okay. I’m not against marijuana and in my opinion, it should have to be legal and closely controlled by the government.

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