Few years back I was on this trip. One of the friends had gopro with him. We filmed a lot at that trip, because we wanted to document everything.

When we got back home, I looked at all the footage and decided to do a short video. The only problem was that I never done it before.

Few hours later I had this video that I loved the only problem that it looked like nonsense but truly it had so much sense in it.

This format of video when it looks such a nonsense but if you look deep into it you can really find something. That looking and discovering and all those mixed feelings…. I love it.

So so so.

Since that day I try to film my adventures and make something from them.

Filming everything sometimes captures those moments that makes our lives beautiful. It’s hard to capture everything but you are good till you get at least something.

Filming something that is such a nonsense that it makes sense to do film it, makes….

I think I should film more since I so much like to make short movies, but I usually just forget about it.

Here you can find few examples:


I hope you liked those movies. It’s hard to get it about what they are but…

And don’t forget:

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