Every morning when I get up I go to the kitchen like zombie and try to prepare a big cup of coffee. After this hard task I sit in front of my computer and browse internet.

I love to read interesting articles on other blogs or bigger sites but I have a small problem with that. See I love to be productive but the thing that I’m the most productive is procrastination. Every morning when I drink coffee I try to read something useful but somehow after few moments I find myself reading sh*t.Overcoming procrastination is hard, we look for tips but all we need in motivation and some inspiration to do things. Today is the day to do that | hellorokas.com

Since reading sh*t isn’t the best thing you can do in the morning so I tell myself that: “Rokas, stop that” So i immediately stop reading super intellectual article about “how to buy the best microwave” and go for the quest of productivity.

So hello Facebook, here we are. Now I will be super productive scrolling through the Facebook feed and what do i see? I think you know :).

So I am already one hour into my day and I feel a bit hungry and probably should go and prepare myself oatmeal with banana, chia seeds, almans and cinnamon. But no no, I am busy I’m scrolling through the Facebook.

So after another half hour of productivity I’m super hungry and I should go to make that oatmeal. But look there is full pack of chips so lets eat that.

Now I’m two hours into my day and I feel like sh*t. How could I change that?

I should go for the run. Yes, that seems really good idea, but first just fast calculate how much it would cost to build a dream house.

Let’s go to property website find this place where this house should stand.  After that we will read experts advice how to choose a property.

Long story short here it is, my dream house on the side of the cliff, near the lake with the view from the fairy tale. Most exciting part that four hours of my life was just spend. So it’s now time for the run.

In the middle of the day I go for the run.

After first kilometer I’m motivated, probably would run twenty kilometers today, I feel so good.

After three kilometers I remember that my room is messy and I should probably go to clean it and also day is going to the end I should probably work a bit on my projects. Yes, let’s run home.

I’m home and feeling tired after a run so I will rest a bit.

After small two hour nap I feel motivated to start working. I look to the clock and plan to clean a room tomorrow and now it’s time to work.

Ok, lets drink a cup of coffee and let’s change the world. But first I will look this one YouTube video. Three hours later I realise that today I was eating chips and drinking coffee and that’s all I did.

I have to take my life into control. I go to a kitchen I make myself some good food, I eat and go back to my computer and start working.

That’s it, I’m in control. Suddenly phone rings.


Hi, Rokas how are you? One grab a drink?

Yeah, where should we meet?


I come back home feeling a bit dizzy and with regret that I wasted all day for nothing. Today, was…

I go to sleep.

After about hour of lying in bed I can’t fall asleep. I feel so much regret. Why I do it?

I suddenly get up, turn on my computer and work like crazy. In four hours I do so much, I am super productive.

I go to sleep.

In a morning a get up like zombie and try to go to the kitchen to make myself a cup of coffee after that I will read some…





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