I am an average person and like all of us my life has up and down swings. From time to time I get frustrated because I am working so hard and nothing is happening.

Sometimes I look around and see people who are working few times less than me but they have way more success. It makes me feel bad and question what I am doing wrong.

About a month ago I meet with few old friends and all our lives there completely different, we told each other about our lives and I very fast realised that the friend that has all the success is just lucky. But not just lucky one time, it seems that whatever he is doing he gets lucky and that luck brings him success.

When I came back home I was asking myself why I am not as lucky as my friend?

I started to look at other successful people and analyse their biographies. And the same pattern comes again and again. They all got lucky in some point in time and it was all they needed for their success.

But on the other end there is a lot of other people who seem to never get lucky and in society’s eyes are unsuccessful. So how does this happen?

How do only successful people get lucky in life?

Working hard

Like all of us I like to believe that I am working hard. I wake up early, I work hard and from time to time I am being lazy. I hate procrastination because sometimes it is killing my life, but in general I work hard and chase my dreams. But if my luck doesn’t show up, where is it?

When I started to analyze successful people who I like, they all had the same goings-on in there lives. They were there working even when they already had all the success a man needs.

They work not only hard but also smart and all of them produce great products or services. And this, my friends, is the first aspect of successful people: they not only work hard, they make great things.

You can work hard and not get luck but the guy next to you who works maybe even less can be lucky by producing something great.

We all work hard in one way or another but only a handful of us produce something extraordinary. So remember, only by working hard and giving 100 percent on the work you are doing can bring you luck. Making a product or service not 100% is just not acceptable.

But does this mean that you will get lucky and successful?

No, you need luck and let’s talk about that.

My lucky window

Sometimes it seems that only successful people get lucky in life. They look more motivated and more inspired, but how? In this article I wrote about it. Some motivation and inspiration for you. | hellorokas.com

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We all hear and see those success stories about how someone made something and succeeded. Sometimes those stories seem like pure luck.

You see that everyone that succeeds just gets lucky and you are right. But that luck is earned in hard work and in many years. I even read this term somewhere: “ten-year overnight success”.

See, successful people work hard and they do 100 percent what they can do. They’re also strict about the quality of their work so when the right time and luck come to their door they are ready.

See, if you made something average the lucky moment will come and go, but if you did something extraordinary and special, the lucky moment will blow you and your success to the sky.

The majority of people pass their lucky moments just because they’re slacking in the first place when they’re working hard. Successful people just go one extra mile and when the moment comes they just sky-rocket to the top.

In the end it’s all about luck

So, how do only successful people get lucky in life?

To sum up, you just have to work super hard and do whatever you have to do. If you can, always go the extra mile because you never know where the lucky moment is waiting for you.

And if you work hard and slack a bit, and you are waiting for that one magical moment which will change your life, don’t because it probably won’t, or you’re just lucky 😉

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