I love to meet new people and talk with them. But sometimes I run into those situations where I don’t know what to talk about.

I think we all been in this place.Why traveling with no money is more adventurous. Nomad traveling like a homeless person lifestyle | hellorokas.com

So, I usually ask a bunch of simple questions that could transform into conversation that we both enjoy.

One of those questions is:

Do you like traveling?

Since I already know the answer to that it simple to develop conversation from that. And the most interesting part begins. It’s knowing someone.

After talking a bit about traveling I like to ask about best traveling experience. The stories that I heard are unbelievable.

But you know what connects them all?

Adventure. Adventure is what makes your trip into an experience of your life time. So why you are not after it all the time?

If you follow me you probably saw this quote that I like to post, I don’t know who said it but I really like it.

“Life is either a daring adventure or nothing at all”

But if I talk to people about where you want to travel or more importantly how you want to travel I am at this weird place.


Everyone that I ask what was your best traveling experience usually tells some crazy story how something went completely wrong but in the end somehow worked out fine.

It so amazing to hear how people are in those crazy situations.

The most amazing thing about those experiences, that everyone likes them and they strongly believe

sleeping outside backpacking

that those are the best traveling experiences of their traveling. Some even think that those are the best experiences of their lives.


Remember old times when we didn’t have cell phones and our cars wasn’t equipped with gps?

I feel a bit nostalgic about that time. Traveling back then seem more adventurous for me.

You didn’t have gps so you have to look to the actual map and plan a route. You drive and sometimes you get lost because it’s hard to navigate.

Those experiences when you got lost and you just drive without knowing where you are going…

Discovering new places that destiny bringed you. That joy of excitement and uncertainty.

GPS tracing made our traveling easier but also not so exciting. We lose that uncertainty of not knowing what is going to happen.

We plan everything

This complete planning of every aspect just kills the most exciting part of your trip, but it’s not just only about a trip.

See in life we always over plan everything and after that we use every tool we can find to stick to this plan.

But where is the adventure?

We lock ourselves from it, we just forbid anything to happen. Why?

We simply are too afraid that something will get wrong, so we try really hard to fix everything and plan every moment. But you know what happens then?

Your life or your trip just went wrong. 

I know that feeling when you are just afraid to do something crazy, but really what you can lose?

Nomad – like a homeless

I think you already getting where this all article is going. I want to help you understand why you really have to try this way of traveling.

So here a few simple steps to escape boring travel and dive into real adventure

1. Money

I remember years ago I was dreaming about traveling to other country. But after few minutes I was on the ground – I simply don’t have money to travel.

How many times you told yourself that? I know, I told myself this nonsense too many times.

Remember if you really want to travel in adventures way you don’t need money.

sleeping mountainsEven the opposite, the more money you have the less adventure you will have.

Just imagine what you would do if you are in another country without money, what would you do? Doesn’t it seem like a movie? It’s crazy in what type of things you can get into.

You really need a minimum amount on what you can live at home. Usually when traveling I even spend less money than living regular life at home.

2. Hotel

But what about a place to sleep?

This one is hard, but really exciting.

Sleep anywhere – in nature; in parks; near train station; under a bridge etc.

It’s seems crazy and it’s really hard in the begining to sleep in some weird place but after few days when you will be completely tired and you don’t have any other choice you will be okay with it.

Sleeping outside is one of the most adventurous things you can do. It’s impossible to describe and you think that it is crazy but…

3. Transport

The simpler you can travel the better it is.

If you can go without a plane, just go without a plane.

If you can go without a car, just go without a car.

… without train, just…

Just go on foot

Walk wherever you want in that moment and when you want to go long distance – hitchhike.

tarp sleeping

Adventure time

Traveling like a nomad and putting yourself into situations that you will probably don’t want to be has something.

It’s impossible to describe those feelings, when you have to think what to do now. It’s hard and it’s demanding, but in a way it’s the best relaxation your mind could have.

When we are at our comfort zone we over think the things that are not so much important. We develop problems in our lives from nothing and those problems doesn’t really matter.

When you are in adventure you don’t think about your life problems. You only thinking about this moment, everything else is secondary and don’t matter.

After these adventures you get back to life with a clear head and all the problems and challenges you had seems not so important. Life becomes simpler.


So next time when you plan your trip, remember that the best plan is no plan.

Turn off your phone, turn off your gps… disconnect and just be in a moment.

Try to use as little as possible and relax…

Remember when nothing’s for sure, anything can happen.

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