If you follow me you probably already know about an accident that I had in italian alps. I almost got killed in the mountains last year: here you can find full story about that

Recovery after the accident was going great but I had one small problem with my hand. Apparently the titanium plate and bolts that hold my bone in place interfer and I can’t use my hand hundred percent. Doctors told me that I will need one more operation then they will remove plate and bolts from my hand. So few days ago I got this operation.

Operation was fast and I was a wake all the time. I was hearing how doctors are talking with each other. Hearing how doctor asks for screwdriver in the middle of operation isn’t the best experience. 😀 After about an hour I was in hospital room relaxing after operation.

I had a bit of pain after, but in general I am feeling great. Now I am already at home relaxing, after about few weeks cut would heal and I will one last time go to the hospital to remove stitches. I hope that after few months I would recover fully and can be active again.

Let’s hope it would be the last thing in this crazy story about accident that started last year in the mountains.
Cool think about this operation is that I got back titanium plate and bolts that there holding my bone for more than a year. Now I have to figure out what to do with them. Maybe you have any ideas with what I could do with this titanium plate? rokas mickevicius after broken hand after operationtitanium bone plate bolts handThanks for reading! If you enjoyed please share this story. Would mean a lot to me and it helps others to see the story.

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