About few years back when I was small, very small and also very young I started to do things that people don’t get why I was doing them. I always wanted to be the finest, the greatest, the fastest one…


Lots of kids do that, but later in life things change and people stop racing the only problem was that I was just getting started.

Racing is always with me and I make everything in my life as a race and I try to compete in everything and I have Why everyone is racing with each other? Human race - let's race inspiration and motivation to do things and don't procrastinate | hellorokas.comto be first.

One day I thought that this is the problem because it isn’t mature and childish to race with everyone. So I decided to stop myself, but I just so much want to be first…

Where is the problem?

See racing is not bad thing in itself but the bad thing is racing all day everyday in all the things you do. Even if you know that being the first in everything is impossible but something in your head is just telling you let’s try I think we could win this.

Problems start in the moment you start your race. Here are some of them:

  • People around you start to think that you just want to show off but you just want to race and maybe be the first one.
  • People also hate that you convert everything you do in the race, even the small things. Like when you walking and you have to be in front.
  • You think that you are stupid and you are telling yourself to stop that thing.
  • many other things …

But is it really a problem? Or is it an advantage?

Human race

I so much love this word Human race it’s just tells so much and I think I’m starting to get meaning of it.

See when we born we start to do this racing thing and we try to be the best at everything we do, but sometimes in some races we lose and we don’t like to lose.

Losing in life is one of the worst feelings and you can make it even more bad.

How? By losing the losing.race

It’s the moment after you lost you realise that you will never win it and you stop trying. The moment you do that you lost it.

The only thing how to win in losing is to get up try it one more time and do it till you win it. It sounds stupid but in my opinion it’s the thing we have to do.

But the problem is that when you are a child you don’t understand that.

And what you do when you don’t understand something?

You go to your parents and they tell you that is okay to lose, and that it is impossible to be first in everything.

Years go and you start to realise that racing in every aspect in life is a stupid thing to do.

This is a moment when you’re no longer a child you are an adult, and I think that you just lost it…

Pablo Picasso once said that: “Every child is an artist. The problem is how to remain an artist once we grow up.”

So now we are adults and we know what we are doing in life, we know what is our purpose and what we have to do next, but do we?

We put so many things in our heads when we stop racing that those things slowly kills our lives.

Being afraid of starting something because we could lose, we are afraid of doing something because we aren’t good enough….

We lose the race of life when we realise that we can’t win something that seems too big for us…

How to race this human race?

Look around yourself and you will see that everything that surrounds you, everything what was build, every crazy idea that was accomplished by the crazy people who they’re willing to race in life.

The biggest accomplishments in history is made by people who their crazy enough to race this race, the race of Human race.

Constantly putting yourself into this racing mode and trying to be first helps to build and develop crazy things.

Those crazy ideas, impossible projects and people who in the beginning seemed crazy… all this was born from people who just had to be first and raced like crazy.

Putting yourself in this mode helps you always be in front and to see something what others don’t see.sprint

Thinking that you can be first and trying to do that is simply better than not fighting for it.

If you think that this is not important or that you can’t be first makes you a loser. If you want to win in life you have to just try to win it, even if it sounds completely crazy.

Going after

All the people in a world are born as a racer. Everyone wants to be first but when we are growing up we start to lose it.

What happens?

We think that it just not so important, but it is. Do you ever dreamed about something? About achieving something that seems impossible?

Why are you not going after it? It’s a race and you can win it if you try really hard. You would definitely lose if you would not try…


In the end there is a lot of disadvantages of racing all the time in every aspect of your life.

Some people will not like you, some will be telling you that you are doing a bad thing…

There will be a lot of negativity into your direction, but remember one thing.

As bad they will going to talk about you there always will be one thing that they can’t change.

You will be in front and you will be first.The first that can go anywhere, the first that founds something, the first that…

And they will be in a back losing this race…


Human race – let’s race

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