Early morning I get up in a small cozy cabin in the mountains near the beautiful girlfriend. I go outside jump into ice-cold mountain river, cold water wakes me up and my body and mind feels fresh. I go back to the cabin, make coffee in our old moka pot and wake up my girlfriend. We drink coffee and talk about life and things that don’t let us sleep, we agree on a lot of things but some makes us argue a lot… Later in a day I go fishing and she goes to read a book. I am standing near a lake and still thinking about the things we talked, somehow I feel a bit guilty…

This kind of life isn’t fairytale to everyone, it’s simple and have everything you need the positive and the negative. Of course its seems like a dream, but it’s not, it’s my life… In my head…

Every moment when my life seems to be shit I can close my eyes and be there and have everything, maybe not everything but…

In my eyes in life you can’t have everything, you will never have enough money or love, or sex, or power, you would always going to want more and more. Somehow I am happy that I realized this early and I am not chasing these things that much.

When I talk to people everyone is dreaming about different things. Everyone wants something in their life and in the moment they get it they want something more or something different. It’s motivates people to work hard because they all want the impossible.

We are all imagining something in life. Imagination has this power of inspiration and motivation, but what if your imagination is more powerful and makes you unmotivated and is ruining your life? This is article about that | hellorokas.com

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People are chasing their dreams to make them a reality even if they know it’s not possible to have everything they still trying… They simply not accepting the reality and chasing something impossible.

So is there a point to chase your dreams in life and try to make them a reality?

Short answer would be I don’t really know. See there always is two sides of the medal, one is positive and one is negative.

In one side you accomplish everything you ever dreamed about and in other you realize that your dream wasn’t that perfect or you even fail to accomplish it. This mix of positive and negative things makes me curious why we do what we do in life, and it makes my motivation go down…

Why? Maybe because it’s impossible to accomplish your dream you would always want more and more, so the only outcome of you chasing your dreams is failure.

So why even start to go after something you can’t have when you can concentrate on the things you have and live the perfection in your head..?

It’s clear that imagination is ruining my life and makes me unmotivated to do something and go after my dreams

Now I have two possibilities to dream about everything or to chase the dream and fail. And I know that I will never accomplish my dreams 100 percent but I can be close and have 99.9999%. So now I will go and try to make impossible – possible.

But before that I will close my eyes and I’m in a small cozy cabin in the mountains……

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