Like all other people I sometimes get upset. Usually it is related to the things and perspectives in life that I build for myself in my head.

Why we do what we do? What is motivating us. Inspiration & motivation article about life and hardest question in our lives - why? |

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What I’m talking about?

Imagine you want something but you can’t get it. What happens?

You get upset.

In life we always want something we can’t get. It is more exciting to run after a things that seem impossible to get and we hope that we can get them.

Problem is we don’t even know why we need those things.

You can say that you perfectly know why you need it, but really do you?

Do you really know what are you doing with your life? Do you really know why are you doing certain things in a way you do? … know why you sitting and reading this article? … really know WHY you do what you do?

Today I want to talk about a hardest question in history.


Our lives are built from the moments and it is strange to look back and remember what moments stuck in your memory the most.

I remember my first history class in school. Teacher was excited and energetic and whole class was eager to hear what she is going to say. The only line I remember from that day was then she asked: “what is the most important question in history?” All class started to yell WHEN? and she said no, it is WHY?

You see sometimes in life you hear something and you think that you understand it, but only after a lot of years you find the true value off things. You have to go through a lot and learn a lot to understand some things.

So this magical question WHY and endless answers…

Why? – pyramid

You see if I would go to a person when he is eating and ask why you do it? The reasonable answer would be that, I need to eat to live.

For some time I looked around and thought how many needs we have to live, there is also a lot of other things that we really need so if we fulfill our physiological needs like eating, sleeping and etc.

What we do next and why we do it?

So it seems that one guy already had those thoughts and draw this pyramid which is called Maslow pyramid and it shows us everything we need.

This pyramid in easy terms shows us how we develop our needs.Maslows Hierarchy Of Needs

At first we need to fulfil our physiological needs like food, sleep.After that we want to feel safe so we need a shelter after that we want love…

If we have all that we go to esteem part where we want to be respected by others and be confident in ourselves.

Last part of the pyramid is the hardest one to understand because you can put so much into it. It’s called self-actualization this is the part that we want to create something and it really depends of the person.

If you look at the pyramid for enough time you will easily find that all we need is to fulfil our dreams and needs, but when what?

But really why?

See we dream about things and usually we can place all our dreams in that pyramid but do they really matter?

So we come back to this magical question WHY?

Why we need to fulfil all these things?

Will we be more happy, will we make some difference in the world that surrounds us?

Problem with our needs and why we do things in certain way is we too much think about our needs. What we need and what we want.

Imagine if you could suddenly have everything what you want, would you be happy?

Maybe for a moment you would but later you would start to feel emptiness in yourself.

Jim Carrey once said: “I think everybody should get rich and famous and do everything they ever dreamed of so they can see that it’s not the answer.”

I think that life isn’t about US. It’s about people that surrounds us.

don’t care what others think. 

I so many times heard this saying that I don’t care what others think about me, but it such a lie. We all care about  that. It’s true that some people care more than others, but we all care what others think about us.people

Look at the people who in societies views seems to be successful.

They buy expensive cars and clothes and what they do? They go to the places where others can see them. Why? Because they care what others think, even if they don’t want to tell you that. And all they are saying that they don’t care what others think about them…

We all care, because we are social beings and I think this is where the foundation in answer to the question WHY? is.

WHY? maybe because…

As I already mentioned would you be happy if your personal dreams would come true?

See doing things and fulfilling your dreams makes you happy only for the short time. We want so much for ourselves and so little for others. Only handful of people truly want more for others what for they want for themselves.

Just imagine when would you be happier? When all your dreams come true or when the persons who you love the most dreams come true?

Being selfish and living a life just for ourselves seems so stupid but so many people are doing it.

Our life time is so limited and in this short amount of time living for yourself seems absurd.

If you really want to be successful, famous and have everything live your life for others. Look around in history and the people who are most memorable they all devoted their lives for others.

I don’t say that you should completely live for another, but just remember the next time you spend few euros for coffee or candy or buy something you don’t really need you can spend that money for others.

Support charity, help old people pass the street do something useful for others…

So why we do what we do? We usually do it for our own good, but do we hat to change it?

Don’t wait for change be the change – do what is really important… and you will make everyone happy.

so, why you do what you do? WHY?

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