Motivation – everyone needs it and everyone love to be motivated.

Knowing that you are doing a right thing is really important in our lives.  Being a leader that shows direction that others follow is fascinating.

But what makes us leaders? And how we choose to motivate other to pursue their dreams?


We all have some crazy ideas in our heads that we want to accomplish but sometimes we don’t have enough courage to do that. See starting something big always seems scary and we are usually afraid to start it.Motivation & inspiration of being a leader. Why follow the leader when you can be a leader? Leading your team in business and being good boss |

But what we almost always do is motivate others to pursue their crazy ideas. It’s much easier to motivate others and it’s safer. You will not get burned from that. People love than others motivate them so it’s an obvious choice.

So we motivate others, because sometimes we just too afraid to motivate ourselves to do the things that we think is right.

If you notice this changes a world around us. Wherever you look you can find motivation. Someone is always motivating you and you are always motivating someone.

Everyone is telling you just do it, even if they don’t really know what we want to do. We just too much love motivating others so we even forget what we are motivating.

So suddenly you are surrounded with this cloud of motivation. It’s everywhere you look at tv, internet, people around you and etc.

And suddenly you’re crazy idea that you thought is so crazy and stupid doesn’t seem so…


You start to look inside your idea deeper and deeper and motivation just keeps going from outside.

Only problem you have that you never told anyone about your idea but you still receiving all the support and motivation to start doing it.

And it’s suddenly looks like that all the world is with you and your dream and you decide to do it.

But what’s the idea?

I want to rule the world and everyone will be my slaves!

Crazy? Yes, it is but just remember…

We just motivated someone who wants to do bad things to others. But it’s not bad thing from my perspective, I just want to rule a world. It’s so simple. I will make everyone happy, I promise.

It probably would be the end to that because suddenly motivators are stopping to motivate you.



Our world is so big and there is just so much of different people around us. We tend to surround ourselves with people who have similar ideas with us.

And somewhere from those people you can find the ones that believe in you and your crazy idea.

You are a great man, you should definitely rule the world, everyone would be happy. You would change the world into better place. Suddenly you have your first follower.

Look this TED talk and read after that further:

So as you see it’s all about a followers. The followers with believe in your ideas and are ready to follow you.

Those followers are attracting others and suddenly you have a group with the momentum which is building up with this crazy idea of you being a leader of whole world.

Groupe grows and you have more and more followers. Suddenly those who don’t like your ideas joins in too because they are afraid.

Alone in a field

They are afraid to be different so they start to accept that idea because everyone is accepting that.

grope of followers are building up and more and more people who not believe in you are joining in.

Amongst them there are a lot of different opinions, they don’t want to be alone so they join in, they start to accept your ideas and after some time they even start to believe in them.

It’s just much more easier to follow you and maybe you would really be a great leader and make us happy. We want to be happy.

And here we are with a group that believes in you and your ideas.


Suddenly you are in a place you wanted to be and you do the things you wanted to do. It looks like that people are happy too.

Everyone supported you from the beginning, they motivated you, they followed you and you are here.

You start to do the things that you want and your followers are not happy, so you tell them that it is good for them. They believe in you because you are there leader.

You change the world as you dreamed and your followers are like sheep. You can do whatever you want to do and lie to them and they still believe in you because you are a leader and they always follow the leader.

Leader is you

Let’s just get out of this story and think for the moment.

If you looked TED talk that I shared you saw that the follower is more important than leader, that the follower shapes a leadership.

So why we motivate what we do not know and follow what is bad?

We always motivating others to start something that we don’t even understand, it’s easy for us and we love to be a part of something. But what if you are motivating something bad? You would tell me that you would not motivate that.

But we do. We not only motivate what is bad but we even inspire others to lath of those who are choosing to be different, to do the right thing.

Sounds crazy right? What responsible adult would do that? YOU! And you probably don’t even see that.

Need some examples of following and motivating bad leadership?

Just look around, most popular car shows laths of people who are driving electric cars or hybrids and millions of viewers around the world supports them and start to think in a same way.

So many popular people laughs of vegans because they are trying to save the world.

We support luxury lifestyle that is based about yourself and don’t look much further.

We support a people who are racist,  people who don’t respect others


There is so many examples of following the bad leadership.

But you are the follower you are the person who can change things that surrounds you in to the better way. Why you are following someone who is spreading bad things?

I know it’s easier to follow a big group, you probably would never get laughed at no one would tell you that you are stupid… But just remember for a moment that you can be that leader that could do a change.

Don’t follow others even if it’s seems easier, follow your heart and do the right thing.

Be a leader – follow true leaders.

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