Love reading interesting articles on the web?

So why don’t you try to write one?

I know that you have interesting thoughts, so why don’t you write about them?

I believe that you could definitely write a good interesting article. It’s quite easy if you are writing about what you’re passionate about. All you have to do is just start.

Sit down write the frame about what you want to write and just start writing, it’s that simple. Really!

If you are lucky you will come up with something brilliant.

But what to do next, when you already wrote your masterpiece?

You can send us this article and we probably will share it here. We will give all the credit to you so you will probably be a superstar.

Just remember that articles that we accept should be between 750 – 3,000 words and should have never be posted on the web before. If you already wrote it just send it to us by email rokashello[at] or you can just contact us and we will talk about it. 

We are constantly on the lookout for new contributions and submissions to be published in helloRokas. Please get in touch today if you think you might be a good fit for the magazine!


Good luck ( ; Also if you have other cool stuff that we would like, send it ( ;