Stop and look around – everything moves so fast. World is getting faster and faster every day and we are only small bolt in this big system.

Everyone is late somewhere and everyone is trying to be on time, but everyone is…

21st century is crazy the tempo of our lives is crazy, but do we really have to be late every single time we are?

I look around and now it’s even like a trend of not being on time. More and more people don’t have any problems with that, so we just relax, there isn’t any problem if I will be late a bit.

You know what? There is a problem

The is even two problems in that. 


If you talked with someone about a meeting or some sort of dead line you gave your word. You told that you will be in that place or do something till that time.

But you are late, not much but a bit. In your mind you don’t see nothing wrong with that…


You being late just shows that you don’t respect that person that you told you be there…

Complete nonsense, you would think?

Just imagine your dream date? Would you be late?

Just imagine interview on your dream job? Would you be…?

Just imagine doing something so important for you….

Would, you…?

Respect others and don’t be late.


I’m always…

Not only other people don’t like that you are always late. You hate it yourself.

It’s terrible habit and everyone hates it, including yourself.

You start don’t believing into yourself, your word that you gave to yourself that you be on time suddenly don’t have a meaning.

In a way this bad habit is killing your believe in yourself.

If you are always on time it feels good. You respect yourself and that feeling that you did it is amazing. 


So from now just try always be on time.

Try it for a week, then for a month…

And you will discover that not only other people more like and respect you, but most important you start to believe in yourself.

Remember anything is possible, just start from small things and never ever be late again. 

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