Do you often facing the moments when you do not have enough space to pack all your things to your traveling trip?

Or do you ever get in the situation when you want to go somewhere but you can’t because your car can’t go there?

I so many times was in these types of situations that I definitely know that feeling. Let me tell you that the only way you will have enough space for your things is only by not taking them. And the only way you will not have to think about the transport is not going with it.

And that is why I love to travel with backpack.

Backpacking is one of the greatest ways of traveling you will see more, feel more and will have big adventure. In this article I will try to tell you why to travel with your backpack.

Backpacking is the most adventurous way of wanderlust. Traveling with backpack gives you freedom and lets you explore, and experiencing life. Why backpacking is the most adventurous way of travel & why you should try it. |

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When I was young I used to go to vacation with my parents and often we used the car for traveling. Our vacation always started at home when we started to packing the things we will need. It often takes almost a day and after that we would pack everything into our car. I remember it like yesterday how car was packed with tons of things that we will not use.

Backpacking is quite the opposite and that why I love it.

When you are going traveling with your backpack you have to think carefully what things you will definitely need, because you are limited by the space in your pack. And that is really good thing, because you will not have to take things that you will not need and have the only ones that matter.

Backpacking gives you opportunity to live life light, you don’t have to think about anything what you don’t need. You can travel light with your backpack in variety of ways. You can go with small backpack and stay in hostels or hotels or you can take bigger backpack and go for camping with your sleeping bag and tent.

Whatever style you would choose you most definitely like litheness of backpacking.


When you are at your traveling trip you want to see everything and go everywhere and it’s okay, but sometimes you can’t because you can’t go with your car or your suitcases are pain in your head and you don’t know where to put them.

Backpacking gives you lightness and freedom. Because you are traveling with only few things in your backpack you can go wherever you want to go and have no distractions by the things you have to take with yourself.

You can focus on the things that matter the most in your traveling trips and be free don’t think about things you do not what to think. Backpack lets you relax and just be in the moment and that’s why I love it.


Ask any backpacker about the traveling and you most certainly hear from him some sort of story about his big adventure in the trip. Many people who try to go backpacking for the first time fall in love with this type of traveling.

Why? Because backpacking always leads you to some sort of adventure. Backpacking gives you freedom and by that you can do the things that you hadn’t thought about doing.


Backpacking has its own culture, the people and the way they are traveling is culture in some way. Backpacking helps you to be a part of that culture to be a part of people who seek adventure in the different way.

Being part of this culture has huge advantages. You could meet awesome people who are living in the moment also other travelers that are not ready for this type of travel would be curious about your experience. Also your friends give you more respect for traveling in this adventurous way.

So being part of backpacking culture is great you are meeting new people, you are living a better life and you are becoming more interesting person than you used to be before.


Backpacking can help you save money.

If you are planning to visit other country most probably you are going by plane. Buying cheap ticket almost always means that you can go only with your hand baggage. Not buying additional options and going only with your backpack will save you money by traveling with plane.

Traveling with huge suitcase often mean that you will have to use some sort of transport to go for one place to another. It is inconvenient and also costs more, traveling with only your backpack will save you money and would be easier.


Backpacking is the most adventurous way of wanderlust. Traveling with backpack gives you freedom and lets you explore, and experiencing life. Why backpacking is the most adventurous way of travel & why you should try it. |

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Traveling only with your backpack is fast you are saving a lot of time.

If you are traveling with plane you don’t have to wait for your briefcase because you simply doesn’t have one. Also you don’t have to search for transport for all your things.

You are freer by traveling that way and because of that you would save tons of time and definitely will see and feel more by traveling only with your backpack.


For me backpacking is one of the most adventures ways of traveling. When you are backpacking you can go to the places where you would never go and do the adventures thinks too.

Traveling with only your backpack always leads you to some sort of adventure, you are meeting new people and living your life to the fullest.

I recommend to everyone to at least once try backpacking I am most certain that you will fall in love with it.

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