Hi, its nice to see you here. You probably want to know more about this page so…

I don’t really know what you want to know about this website.

Maybe it would be good if you gave me some questions and I will try to do my best by answering them.

OK? Just ask anything.

Maybe not anything, maybe what is related to this website… Ok Ok Ok, you can ask anything ( ;

What about this all page is? 

Basically this the thoughts from my head that are just written down. Also some other things like traveling, politics, business and etc. There isn’t any particular direction in which I write. It’s almost about everything that surrounds us and maybe a bit more.

Who is writing all the posts?

I write them. By the way hello my name is Rokas Mickevicius.

Tell something about yourself

Come on. This is impossible to answer.

Ok, tell me what you like to do. 

I love adventures, so I constantly searching them in every moment of my life, it’s like a game.

You mentioned game, do you like to play video games?

Not really, I love to procrastinate in other ways. I love movies.

So what’s your favorite movie?

It’s impossible to answer too. There is simple too much of good ones.

At least tell me what type of movies you like

I like all types of movies, but I hate horror movies. After them I just can’t sleep because someone is siting under my table.

Why do you started this blog?

I need a place where I could share what’s in my head also stories from my life. Maybe someone else also wants to share a story so this is the place to do that.

Your english is really bad, I hope you know that?

I’m not native english speaker but I doing my best. I hope one day I will write without mistakes. ( ;

Your posts seem weird 

Yea I know, something is… I just forgot what I was trying to say to you.

Oh, I remembered.

You ask so much questions what is wrong with you?

Nothing I’m just interested in this page

What do you like about this page?

I don’t know, there is just so much…

Do you like coffee?

Why do you ask that?

I don’t know I just wanted to tell something to keep this conversation going, but I have to go now. Bye (( ;