For the past month I was receiving emails that I have to pay for internet. As responsible human being I told myself that I will do it tomorrow. Since procrastination is my second name, after month of tomorrow my lifeWhat would happen if internet collapsed? Offline life for millennials. Is this people generation ruined by internet? | ended.

I’m offline.

So I was offline for half a day and saw how life is different without me using. For a moment I thought to myself what if internet crashed?

What would happen to our lives and what millennial generation would do offline?

World without a connection

It is crazy how everything is connected nowadays. Almost everything that you are using throughout a day is somehow connected to internet.

It seems natural to us that everything is getting connected to the internet. We buy smart devices and they make our lives more easier. Business invests in new technologies that cut costs of operation and our lives are getting simpler at first glance all thanks to internet.

Every moment we are getting connected more adopters generation& more, and we are more & more dependent of our beloved web.

Maybe our homes still don’t have tons of smart gadgets but our lives around us is more connected than you think. Even people who are thinking that they are not using internet are using it all the time. Electric stations, water stations, stock markets, banks, trains, airports and etc. are connected to internet. This connection helps us manage world easier and faster and communication is quickest in a history of mankind.

Basically our lives are dependent on internet and you are using it almost all the time, because everything is connected to it. Even then you are in a shower and using water in some way you are using internet too, because water stations are connected and operated with help of the internet.

But just imagine for a second what would happen if internet crashed suddenly?

21st Century Armageddon

Everything would just stop immediately and our personal lives would change just in matter of seconds after a crash. It would simple be Armageddon of the 21st century.

The panic would quickly cover all the world, crime rates would skyrocket and you would still sit at home trying to call your mother to ask where is the internet? (; It’s crazy how dependent we are.

Peoples hierarchy would change in seconds, people who have all the valuable professions now would simply be in the bottom. All the programmers, advertisers, writers, vloggers, bloggers and etc. They simply wouldn’t know what to do.

You just simply can’t google it anymore. Everything is out and almost nothing is working.

Suddenly world is back into the hands of simple people, people who still don’t know how to use computer properly and still carry that nice phone with buttons from stone age.

They lived in an age when internet wasn’t here and they know how to do simple things. They know how to live life without likes, shares, tweets and etc. Knowing how to do simple things and doing them is what they are good at.

Everything changed in seconds and you are sitting and simply don’t know what to do, because all your life you were connected and now you are off.


A Lot of older people think that this generation can’t do almost nothing. They think that millennials can only sit in front of a computer, browse the internet and procrastinate all day.

If you asked someone older what would happen to this generation if everything stopped and internet was down?

They would probably say that this is the end for them…

But are they right?

If you ask someone from this generation what they think about them they will probably give you a lot of advantages that other generations don’t have.

See millennials have this small weakness that they don’t know a lot of simple things. If they don’t know something they just google it, watch short YouTube video and that’s it, they know how to do it. At first glance it looks like a weakness, but is it really a weakness?


See other generations do things in life based of what they know, but millennials do based on what they like and what they want to do. They can do it because of the information that is available to them almost instantly. All you must have in a connection to the internet and you are invincible.

Millennials are only limited by the access to the information they need to learn something new. Since they learned almost everything online, they simply are limited by the internet.

What would happen to millennials in offline world?

We all know that if animals are raised in zoo they would not survive in a natural nature if you release them. They don’t know how to hunt, how to stay safe and etc.

Millennials are somewhat similar to that. They order food online and use a lot of small gadgets in their lives just to meet their needs. Being offline is almost the same for them as a releasing animal from zoo into a wild nature.

If internet would suddenly collapse probably most of the people would lose their minds and wouldn’t know what to do at first. The generation of people who knows how simple stuff works would control the world but only in the beginning.

See millennials google everything and use information in really different way than older people do.

The skills they have to use all the time they learn really well and use them. Millennials perfectly know the niche stuff they are in. If they need to research other niche they simply do it by learning all the information from the other sources, mostly online.

But the skill that is used rarely they learn, use and forget because they don’t need all this unnecessary information in there heads. They can do it because next time when they would need this info they can find it online in seconds.

Copy – paste

Since all this generation is build on idea that you copy something you need and paste it into yourself. So millennials can adjust themselves depending of the environment and situations they are in really quickly.

If one day internet would collapse of course people with simple skills would take on, but only for the short time.

What would happen if internet collapsed? Offline life for millennials. Is this people generation ruined by internet? |

Because millennial generation is at it’s best when it comes to adapting to the situation they are in.

They copy and paste everything and look for the information and skills that are important in that relevant moment and they just copy it.

Millennials simply would copy and learn new skills and adopt the knowledge that is needed in that environment to survive and thrive.

The adopters generation offline

Some think that millennials don’t know a lot of stuff and they are living crazy lifestyle, and there is some true in that. But just remember that this is a generation that can adapt to changing environment really quickly and leave what is old without even remembering it.

Millennials can forget irrelevant information in seconds and learn new one when they need it. This generation drives everything what is new and surrounds you today. They come up with those crazy ideas which change and shape a world as it was a toy for them.

If online world would collapse one day we all ended up offline where millennials would just simply adopt to it and would control the world as they do it today.

Ever way let’s hope that internet would not crash and we will still live in this age where all the generations can find it’s best fit.

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